Jubilee Gang Ministries Fall Update

WOW! What a year!
Most of us would agree that this has been a crazy year. We had more bookings on the calendar for 2020 before the year began than our total amount of bookings for this year. Instead of our usual around 40 bookings we only had 11 that we actually did this year. We had around 30 cancelations due to covid or government regulations. However God is still on the Throne!
In spite of all the bad things we could talk about God supernaturally took care of us this year. We were able to pay off our truck and pay cash for our outreach trailer and all the necessary upgrades to it. We never had to touch our personal emergency fund this year and the ministry has money in the bank. 
Our plans as of right now is to have the outreach trailer ready to go this spring. We will be partnering with local churches and churches within the surrounding states to reach unreached children. We are not really sure when for Jubilee Gang church events will open back up full blast. I am sure there will be a few bookings in 2021 and the foreseeable future however with many churches across the country still not opening their children’s ministry and some not even opening their churches yet, I am sure bookings will be low for a while.  During this time we will be putting our hand to the plow and reaching unreached kids in our surrounding area. 

#GivingTuesday is tomorrow
Tuesday Dec. 1st

Gifts during this time will  help us get through the next 6 months that are typically our slower months. From now until summer 2021 we only have one booking on our schedule and many churches are reluctant to schedule anything because of the uncertainty of the times we are living in. 
Gifts will also help us finish off the outreach trailer 
Below are 3 ways you may give…
1. You may donate on our Facebook Giving Tuesday Fundraiser at the link below…
2. On PayPal from our website at the link below… https://jubileegang.com/donate
3. If you would rather not give online our mailing address is below… Jubilee Gang Ministries 3495 Willow Rd. Springfield, OH 45502

Jubilee Gang Ministries Outreach Trailer Update

We were able to do several updates to our outreach trailer this year and will continue to do more over the winter to be ready to reach unreached children in our surrounding area. 

Below are some pictures and a video of  the progress on our Jubilee Gang Ministries Outreach Trailer

Before the wrap and Video Wall
After the wrap
Video of our outreach trailer with the video wall