Reaching the unreached – Impacting our city

During this time when churches are not doing big events because of Covid 19 restrictions and we are not sure when churches will feel comfortable hosting big outreach events in their buildings again. It could be after the 1st of the year or who really knows how long it will take for churches to feel comfortable doing big events again or when families will be comfortable returning. Almost all of our booking have cancelled this year and continue to cancel leaving us with only 10 bookings for the entire year. Usually we have around 40 bookings per year.

Instead of sitting around hoping things will open back to normal soon we are putting our hand to the plow to reach children in the unprivileged communities in our area. To do this, we are raising money for Jubilee Gang Ministries to buy an outreach trailer that the side lets down as a stage like the one in the picture above. We have found a trailer in TX that already has the stage built into it. After purchasing this trailer we will need to have the bearings packed and 4 new tires put on it to get it back to OH. Then we plan on getting it wrapped to make it more appealing, also putting a built in video and sound system in the trailer. We also want to get some extra portable staging to add to the built in stage so we can have kids play games on it and make it more of  interactive ministry experience. Also we will be purchasing a quiet generator  to power the trailer. We believe it will take upwards of  $10,000 to do all that we want to do. 

Outreach has always been the heartbeat of Jubilee Gang Ministries. Now that traveling nation wide is slowing down and we are not sure when churches will open back up to travel to do Jubilee Gang full blast we want to focus on reaching local children in our area by partnering with local churches and organizations to be a blessing to our community during this time.

If you would like to give towards this project below are 3 ways you may give….

1. You may donate on our Facebook Fundraiser at the link below

2. PayPal from our website at the link below…

3. If you would rather not give online our mailing address is below…
Jubilee Gang Ministries
3495 Willow Rd.
Springfield, OH 45502

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