Testimonies from 2007 tour season

Knowing the statistics of this generation of children growing up in America, I often wonder if we (The Jubilee Gang) are making a difference in this generation of children. A study documented that the percentage of Bible-based believers has steadily decreased since the Builder generation. The builders are the WWI generation born between the years 1927-1945. 65% of this generation believe the basic bible truths and were born again. If nothing changes in America there will only be 4% of this current generation growing up in America that will be believers of the basic bible truths and will be born again.

That is a scary thought!

Our hearts is to reach out to this generation of children and make a difference in their lives.

We have had a very powerful year of ministry in 2007 and want to share some testimonies we receive during our travels.

In May when we were ministering in Allen, TX a little girl came up to me on the third day of our event to tell me something awesome that had happen at school that day. On our first day we taught about “What is a Christian,” which teaches on what it is to become a Christian, what it is to be a Christian, and how to lead others to become a Christian. On the second day we taught about “Living the Difference,” which is about the fruit of the spirit, what it is (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) and how to walk in this fruit. She told me that she was playing on the play ground and got hurt. A young boy saw her and took her to the nurse’s office. While on the way to the nurse’s office she asked the boy if he knew about God. He told her yes. She then asked him, if he knew about the fruit of the spirit. He told her no. So, she told him about the fruit of the spirit. She then asked him if he ever asked Jesus in his heart. Which he told her no, so she explain to him what being born again was and asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart. He said yes, so she led him to Jesus and he became born again right there at school. Praise the Lord!

In June we ministered at a church in Columbus, OH and we were emailed the following testimony: Adults were commenting on how they had never had this much fun at church! A 79-year old grandmother (our pastor’s mother) was jumping around with the kids on Wednesday! She walks with a cane and has had both hips replaced. When some one tried to tell her that she should take it easy, she told them that she was just fine and that she was going to Praise the Lord right along with the kids!

We were eating in a restaurant one night after we had ministered in a church in Florida, when a woman came in the told the Children’s Pastor’s wife that her son had gone forward and accepted Jesus in his heart tonight. So, after they were home she asked her son if he understood what he had done tonight. He said, “Mr. Jerry said not to come up unless you were serious about asking Jesus in your heart and I was serious. I wanted Jesus in my heart!” This story doesn’t stop here. The next night the young boy won our world changer award for being well behaved during our program. We were told this boy is always a challenge in church services and they usually have to get after him several times a service. But, he was so good and paying attention that they really thought he deserved the world changer award. This child had also received a changed in attitude. Praise the Lord!

In October we ministerd in Weatherford, OK and recieved this story from the children’s pastor a few months later. “We learned a really cool story from the crusade not long ago.Our pastor’s wife was teaching a Wednesday night class and a mom was helping. The mom brought in her form that we have everyone fill outbefore they help in children’s church. Pastor’s wife looked at the form and saw that the mom got saved in October and asked her about it.The mom’s two kids came to the Jubilee Gang crusade at our church and heard about being born again. The boy came to the front to pray. (That’s awesome at that) That night when they got home, they told their mom about being born again and the mom got saved in her living room that night and has been faithful to church ever since.”

In every church we ministered in this year, we had parents come up and tell us how much they loved our program. How we made an impact on their child’s life for Jesus. We have been told over and over by the people who bring us into their churches to minister that there is a real need for more teams like our. There just are not enough people doing what you do. Our youth of today are hurting and so mix up by what they learn by the media, the breakdown of families, their peers, and even the school system. So, if you know a hurting child or teen, reach out to them with the love of God. All of us working together can make a difference.

God Bless You
Jerry & Candy Moyer
The Jubilee Gang

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