213 People Born Again in CA & Louisiana

Dear Friends and Partners: 

We are having a blessed and fruitful summer tour season so far this year. During the 2weeks of June 9-20 we ministered in 2 churches in CA and a camp in Louisiana. During these 3 events we saw over 213 people come forward to be born again.

Three of the children that came forward in Yuba City, CA were brought by a church member. Their father is a Muslim missionary in the CA prison system. We continue to pray for these children that God will continue to work in their lives and in the lives of their Family.

During the next 2 weeks we will be ministering in 2 churches in CT. and a Camp in SC.

Below are some pictures from our last 3 events.  
 Frog Flip Game in Bakersfield, CA

Jerry Leading children to Jesus in Bakersfield, CA

Jerry teaching the Power Verse put to a beat
in Yuba City, CA

Jerry praying with children to be born again in
Yuba City, CA

Pizza Flip Game in Broussard, LA

Jerry praying with over 100 Children to be born again in
Broussard, LA

Over 200 Children on their knees seeking more of 
God and surrendering their entire lives to Him
in Broussard, LA
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