You know you have experienced revival when…

In Jan. 2011 Our local church concluded a 28 week revival. One night during worship toward the end of the revival the following list came to me and I wrote it down in my notes on my phone.

You know you have experienced revival when…

1. When you start laying aside all weights & sin that gets in between you and God.

2. When you have a renewed love & passion for the things if God.

3. When you begin to serve God with not just your mouth but our actions.

4. When you fervently serve God not just at church but every day of the week everywhere you go.

5. When you get so full of God that his presence begins to overflow in your life and begins to touch those around you.

6. When nothing else satisfies you, but more of God.

7. When you become so desperate for God that you do whatever it takes to get Him.

8. When your desires become God’s desires.

9. When your love for God becomes so strong that you just can’t help but tell others.

10. When the fire of God in your life becomes so big that people start to come from all around to watch you burn.

11. When you submit yourself to God so much, that the change in your life becomes so evident that people can’t help but notice and start to ask you what is different.

12. When the desire to be in God’s presence is so strong that you don’t ask if you should go to church, but nothing can keep you from going to church.

13. When your love for God is so strong that you would never dishonor him by allowing sin in your life

14. When you love God so much you can’t help but worship him not just at church but every day through your lifestyle.

16. When you love God so much that you don’t have to be manipulated to give. You can’t help but to give because you love Him and his works so much.

17. When you rediscover your first love. The feeling & passion you had when you were first born again.

18. When you don’t need to be led into worship, you just enter in.

19. When it ceases to be about us and it becomes about him.

20. Instead of constantly seeking a blessing from God you become a blessing from God.

Revival is a lifestyle.

Someone once said ” I would rather live a fasted lifestyle than go on and off of periods of fasting.”

I personally would rather live a revival lifestyle than attend a series of meetings.

The reason we need a series of meetings is that we are so dead we need to be jump started.

After we have been jump started we should be able to keep the charge.

Actually this list is the lifestyle that a christian ought to be living in the first place, but because we become distracted from the things of God and become spiritually dead we need to be revived.

By Jerry Moyer
The Jubilee Gang

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