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This Video reminds me of the Petra Song “For Annie” (Lyrics are below…

No one ever noticed Annie weeping People all around, but she was alone Mama’s got her meeting and Daddy’s got his job But no one’s got the time, Annie’s on her own No one ever knew her desperation People couldn’t hear her cry out silently Locked inside the bathroom she grabs a jar of pills The medicine that cures becomes the poison that kills And it’s too late for Annie She’s gone away for good There’s so much we could tell her And now we wish we could But it’s to late, it’s too late for Annie Sadness fills the hearts of Annie’s family Daddy tries to comfort Mama uselessly They hoped she knew they loved her But they really didn’t know They just want to know Why did their baby go?If only we’d have known her situation We’d have tried to stop this useless tragedy Annie’s lost forever, never to be found But there are lots of others like her all around And it’s not too late for Annie

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