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Dear Friends and Partners:

It has always been our desire to focus on ministry and not finances, I have never been one to ask for money or use manipulative methods to raise funds for ministry. We never have taken up an offering for our ministry during our events. We survive from the honorariums that churches give us when we minister. We have always obeyed Matt. 6:33 that says to “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”. However, a very wise minister once told me if you never let people know your needs they will not have the opportunity to help you.

In this email I simply am presenting a need. We ask that you pray about it. If God speaks to your heart to help, then obey him. If he does not, there is no pressure.

With the raising travel and fuel cost it is becoming harder and harder to keep a ministry such as ours traveling across America with all of our equipment all year around. We spend around $14,000.00 per year just on fuel cost. The winter months are always tight with very little bookings, and we have to survive on what we make during our busy months to live and run the ministry through the off-season. Our bare minimum budget to keep Jubilee Gang Ministries running is around $3,500 per month.

The slower winter months are when we work on new material. However, a lot of time we don’t have the finances to put together our new programs or update our equipment to move forward because we are in survival mode until the spring when we start getting bookings again.

We are in need of a financial base of at least $3,500 per month to help us to continue ministering to children and families across America.This will also help us to keep up our equipment and continue to be a blessing to churches and communities that cannot afford our suggested pricing. We see between 1000 and 1,500 people born again each year through Jubilee Gang events. Please pray about becoming a monthly partner with Jubilee Gang Ministries.

•Families: Pray about adding us to your monthly budget.

•Churches & Pastors: Pray about adding us to your monthly missions budget.

•Businesses: Please pray about adding us to your monthly charitable giving.

If you would like to become a  prayer or monthly financial partner with Jubilee Gang Ministries or give a one time gift to help us continue to travel across America and around the world ministering to children and families click on the LINK  below to see the different ways that you can partner with our ministry.

Jubilee Gang alter call where over 300 people were born again.
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