God’s Protection & Provision

WOW what a week! This was a whirlwind of a trip! We traveled 5000 miles in 11 days from Ohio to Billings, Montana where we ministered for 3 days on Oct. 26-28th.  Then we had 2 days to get to Lafayette, LA where we set up, did a services, and tore down on Oct. 31st.  After this crazy day we traveled 17 hours to South Boston, VA where we ministered 3 more days on Nov. 2-4 before heading back to home base in Ohio.
We went through 3 trailer tires on this trip in 3 different states. and almost lost our drive shaft on the road going between Lafayette, LA and South Boston, VA because our U-Joints went bad.  On the 1st tire pictured above we shredded it on the interstate going 75 MPH. Thank God for a trucker that had power tools to help us change our tire quickly.  The other 2 tires we caught them before they went totally flat. One had a huge chunk of tire missing and was down to the steel belts, and the other tire had a nail in it. When we got to billings, MT and set up two of our video panels were not working correctly and God provided a young man that had been in the military and was trained in wiring and electronics to help us get them back up and running before our 1st service. On our way to Billings, MT we almost lost the roof to our trailer because of some wind damage that was under warranty, but could not be fixed until after this trip.  We could not find any trailer places in Billings to help us on a weekend but again God provided a Pastor friend of ours in Billings to secure down the roof so we could finish the trip. We took some water damage in the trailer but did not loose our roof. Praise God!
On our way to Lafayette, LA is where we lost our 2nd tire and replaces the remaining 2 original tires.  
When we got to Lafayette, we noticed a thumping vibration in the truck while going at slow speeds but did not have time to have it checked out because of our tight schedule. So after leaving Louisiana on Thursday morning an old friend of ours saw on FaceBook that we were on our way to South Boston, VA so he contacted me because he wanted to come to our programs.  Without knowing that we were having any trouble with the truck, he offered to help with any repairs or oil changes we might need. I told him we needed to have the truck checked out and told him about the noise at slow speeds.  He thought it might be the U-Joints going out and ordered them for our truck, so they would be there waiting on us when we got there. He came to our Friday night service and took our truck and let us use his truck for the weekend. He said he could only go 50 MPH with our truck because the vibration was so bad and he was afraid the drive shaft might fall out. Sure enough when they checked it out it was all 3 U-Joints and the carrier bearings. After looking at them he was shocked that we made it to VA without loosing our drive shaft on the road. He replaced all 3 U-Joints and the carrier bearings at no cost to us. Thank God they did not give on the interstate going 70 MPH. Again God protected and provided for us. 
After traveling 5000 miles and ministering in MT, LA, and VA and seeing 90 people including adults, teens, and children born again. we headed home after ministering Sunday morning in VA. On the way home in the mountains of WV we stooped for gas and noticed that one of our trailer tires were low.  When we checked it we found a nail in one of our brand new tires. So we changed the tire late at night and finished our trip HOME! 
This year God has supernaturally provided for every major repair on our truck and trailer.  Everything has been paid for in full by gifts from people to our ministry that just felt God was speaking to them to give. We serve a great and awesome God!!! When God calls you to it,  He will see through it!
Pictures from these events
Billings, MT 16 people born again!
Lafayette, LA    42 people born again

South Boston, VA   32 people born again!

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