Great time of ministry in Billings, MT

We had an great time of ministry in Billings, MT this weekend at Zoe Bible Church.

On  Friday we conducted a community outreach at a local school gym. The Zoe Bible Church blessed children that attended with school supplies and saw 11 children come forward to be born again.

Jerry praying with 11 children to be born again
in Billings, MT.
On Saturday we ministered to a group of around 30 children’s ministry leaders from around the the state of MT. this was a wonderful time of refreshing and vision casting for ministry to children. 
Jerry ministering to children’s ministry Leaders
in Billings, MT
Then on Sunday we did a family service for the entire church and saw several people raise their hands to be born again including a gentleman that was visited by the pastor and a team that was canvasing the community inviting people to the service. When the gentleman answered the door he said “I just saw you on TV and now your at my door!” He had seen the commercial for the event that had played on the local station. He and his wife decided that they should come to the service and he raised his hand when we prayed to make Jesus lord of his life and to be born again along with several other people that attended. 
Two mothers flipping latex pizzas to their children 
during a family service in Billings, MT
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