How to promote a Family Service

How to promote a Family Service

As we travel across the United States ministering to families, we have learned that certain things work better than others in promoting a family event. Because the concept of family ministry is fairly new to the body of Christ, many church people have no idea what to expect. We have listed a few things that work and don’t work when promoting a family service to your church and community.

I cannot over emphasize how  important it is that you not advertise this as a kid’s event or kids crusade or us as a children’s evangelist. If parents get the idea this is for kids, they will drop off their kids and leave or stand in the hallway and wait for the event to be over instead of attending with their children. Attendance for Kids only events have been decreasing over the last several years and attendance for family events have been increasing.   It’s very important that the Lead Pastor promote the event as a family event from the pulpit. He must let the people know this is a time for the entire family to enjoy church together instead of being separated. The event is for children, teens, and adults, this is a time for parents to bring their kids to a service that everyone can enjoy together. This is a time for grandparents to bring their grandchildren to church. This is a time for families to invite other families in their communities to church or adopt the kids next door for a day. In order to get the parents and grandparents to buy into this concept of a family service. It must be promoted correctly from the Lead Pastor.

Ways to promote this event to your congregation

1. This is a time for your entire families to learn together, get closer to God together, have fun together, and experience God and church together.
2. Too many times we separate children, teens, and adults during church. This is a time that everyone can be together in church, enjoy, and learn together.
5. This will be a fast paced multi-media ministry event that the entire family will enjoy.  

Things you need to know about Jubilee Gang Family Events.

1. Because of our Muti Media presentations and Jerry’s teaching style, Jubilee Gang Family Events are able to reach multi-generational groups of

2. The messages will be simple enough for a child to understand but relative to all ages.

3. Everyone in attendance will enjoy and learn bible truths in a fresh and exciting way.

4. Adults will not feel spoken down to or out of place.

5. Adults, children, and teens will be encouraged to participate in the service, not just observe.

6. Many times adults leave our family events remarking on how much they got out of the service. Some have said they got as much out of the message as their children did.

7. Family services are different than adult services and different than a children’s service. If you do a regular adult service and have the kids attend the kids will be board and check out. If you do a typical kids service the adults will feel spoken down too and out of place and check out. There must be something for everyone to minister to multiple generations together in the same service! Jubilee Gang Family events have just the right combination to minister across generational boundaries.  

Jerry Moyer 
 Jubilee Gang Ministries

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