JG Missouri Update: 84 people born again!

Dear Friends and Partners;

We had an amazing week ministering at 2 churches and a Christian School in Missouri. On April 24-26 we ministered at Grace Fellowship Family Worship Center in Marble Hill, MO. We saw God bless us with his presence during a time of surrendering our will to his and desiring to go deeper in our relationship with him on the last night of the event. During this 3 day event we also saw around 56 people born again.

On Sunday April 28th Jerry ministered to the adults at Sunrise Bible Church in Sunrise Beach, MO then we did a Jubilee Gang event on Sunday night in their christian school gym and saw 11 children born again. On Monday morning we ministered during a christian school assembly and saw 18 children come forward to be born again.

We got to take our granddaughter Aeva on this short trip. She made her JG debut in Marble Hill, MO by singing Jesus Love Me! We have included a video of this below.

So far this year we have seen over 363 people born again during our events across America!

Below are some Pictures and Video from our events in MO last week.
Aeva makes he Singing Debut 
Marble Hill, MO
Alter Call in Marble Hill, MO
Children seeking more of God in Marble Hill, MO

Jerry praying with 11 Children to be born again
in Sunrise Beach, MO
Jerry praying with 17 Children to be born again 
in Sunrise Beach, MO during a christian school assembly.

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