Jubilee Gang Ministries Building Project Update

Today Dec. 17th 2011 the driveway for tne building was put in. The next step will be laying the asphalt in the spring then finishing off the inside so we can start filming children’s programing for the Internet & DVD.

When this building is finished it will give us much needed space to base our ministry out of and will house a video studio where we will be able to film and edit video. It will also give us space to store, set up, and work on our equipment. Right now we can only work on it while we are on the road. And we store our equipment in our trailer all winter which is not good for all the electronic components. This will help us to be able to take our ministry to the next level and eventually it will house our offices.The Building is costing $40,000 to put up plus the finishing off of the inside including insulation & electric.

If you would like to donate toward this project there are 3 ways you can donate.

1. Click on the link below to give through the Causes Application and then click on the donate
button…http://www.causes.com/causes/549925-help-the-jubilee-gang-build-a-building-to-impact-the-worldCausesCauses sends our ministry a check each month of all the donations that come in through this App.

2. Donate through Pay Pal by going to the Jubilee Gang web site at https://jubileegang.com/
then go to the bottom of the page and click on the yellow donate button.

3. Send a check to our ministry office at the link
below…Jubilee Gang Ministries3495 Willow Rd.Springfield, OH 45502Any
help with this project will be deeply appreciated! All gifts are tax
deductible and you will receive a receipt in the mail for your gift.

To view Pictures of the progress on the building click on the link below…

God Bless
The Jubilee Gang

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