Jubilee Gang Ministries March Update: 40 people born again!

 Leading Children to Jesus
March 2018 Update

During March we did 2 family events in Summerville, GA and Ansted, WV. During these 2 events we saw 40 people including children, teens, and adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their life. It’s always awesome to see multiple generations learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together. 

Testimonies from the road

This is the second time that we have had the pleasure to work with Jerry and Candy. Their ministry is high energy, fun, and exciting, but most importantly they want to spread the gospel of truth by meeting children and families where they are. Jubilee gang is great for large and small churches alike. We highly recommend them to other churches looking to hold a Kids/Family Crusade.
Naomi West Pastors Wife Ansted, WV

As a Pastor it is such a blessing to know that there are ministries that we can trust with our Church. Evangelists Jerry and Candy of Jubilee Gang bring a Bible Based and gospel focused ministry that not only touches children, but people of all ages. We have had Jubilee Gang in our church several times and we are always blessed as we see people born again. The Family Services lead people of all ages to Jesus. We highly recommend Jubilee Gang
Pastor Ed Akers Victorious Living Church Grove City, OH

Below are a few pictures from our March events.

Family Event at Redemption Worship Center in Summerville, GA

Family event at Fresh Fountain Worship Center in Ansted, WV

Jerry praying with 4 young men to make Jesus Lord of their life in Summerville, GA

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