Jubilee Gang Update for week of Aug 17 – 24

Dear Friends and Partners,
We had a great week ministering in 2 churches in South Dakota.

On August 17 – 20 we ministered In Rapid City, SD at First Assembly of God.

Then on August 22-24 we ministered in Yankton, SD at first assembly of God.

During our 4 day event in Rapid City, SD we saw around 35 children come forward to be born again.

Breakfast food flip game in Rapid City, SD
Jerry praying with children in Rapid City, SD
During our 3 day event in Yankton, SD we prayed with 46 children to be born again.

One young man that came forward was from the country of Iraq. His family moved here 8 months ago after being rescued by American military. Insurgents had invaded their home because the mother was an interpreter for the military and the insurgents felt like she was a trader to the country. A son was killed in front of the mother while several children were hiding and were not killed. She was left as dead and they took his father and the family to this date do not know if he is alive or dead. The mother survived the shot gun wounds. Their house was burned to the ground and they had to fee the country.

Below is a picture of the young man praying to receive Christ. You can see the intensity on his face. Please pray that the mother follows his step to follow Christ and convert from Islam.
Young man from Iraq praying to be born again during our event in Yankton, SD
Jerry Praying with children to be born againin Yankton, SD
Jerry and the young man from Iraq playing the match it Game.
Next week we will be ministering in Humble, TX on Aug. 29 – 31 and Tyler, TX on Sept. 1-3.
Please keep us in your prayers as we travel America’s highways ministering to children and families.
God Bless You
The Jubilee Gang
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