Powerful weekend of family ministry and community outreach in GA

This weekend we had the privilege of ministering at Redemption Worship Center in Summerville, GA. This was an awesome family event and community outreach. We saw 19 people including children, teens and several adults come forward to be born again and make Jesus lord of their lives. Several unchurched families from the community surrounding the church came to the event and gave their lives to Jesus including a mother and her children. This is what family ministry is all about! Our message was simple enough for children to understand but relevant to the adults that attended also. Many adults left saying how much they were blessed by the ministry of the Jubilee Gang and that they were ministered to as well as their children and grandchildren. Multi generational ministry is what Jubilee Gang Family Events is all about! Reaching multiple generations with the message of the Gospel. 

Below are several Pictures from Our event in Summerville, GA this weekend…

It was awesome to see entire families worship together, learn together,
 have fun together, and experience God together
in Summerville, GA this weekend.

Testimonies from The Road…

-Thank you for coming to Redemption Worship Center this morning and tonight!!! Your ministry blessed me so much!!!
I do not have any children, but I thank God for all the children at RWC and all the visitors that came today. Praise God for all the people who made Jesus their LORD and Savior!!!
Hallelu-YAH!!! Thank you Jesus!
Sumerville, GA

-Jerry, Candy and Wild Thing made such a connection with our people! We witnessed salvation as well as the gospel explained easily and effectively. We will surely have them back again and again.
Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Lord. Blessings.

Pastor David Reeves
Pastor at Redemption Worship Center Summerville, GA

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