September Update: 47 people born again!

 Dear Friends and Partners:

This month we ministered in 2 churches in IN and PA.

On Sept. 8-10 we ministered at Rivers Edge Fellowship in Bedford, IN. During this 3 day event we saw 16 children come forward to be born again.

On Sunday, Sept 15, we ministered at Victory Church in Troy, PA. Sunday morning we did a family service and did our God Encounter program and saw 21 people come forward to be born again including several adults and teens. Many more came to the altar seeking more of God and surrendering their entire lives to him. Sunday evening we did another Family service and saw 10 more people come forward to be born including an entire family, father, mother and children. I love it when families come forward together to be born again!

Below are some Pictures from these 2 events
Jerry Teaching the Power Verse put to a beat in Bedford, IN
Jerry leading children to Jesus in Bedford, IN
A young lady playing angry birds live in Troy, PA
Jerry praying with people in Troy, PA to be born again
including and entire family.
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