Taking the Good News to Russia in Feb. 2010

Dear Friends & Partners:

I have the opportunity to go to Russia on February 12 – 22, 2010. I will be going with my Church. While in Russia I will be conducting several children’s ministry outreach events in churches and orphanages, as well as teacher training events for local Russian churches. This will be such an awesome opportunity to take the ministry of The Jubilee Gang to Russia and be a blessing to their children and children’s workers.

I do not make it a habit to ask for money for the Jubilee Gang or us. I have always relied on what comes in for our events and the sales of our merchandise to support The Jubilee Gang. Merchandise sales and events have been way down this year because of the economy.

The cost of the Russia trip is $1800.00. I need around $1000.00 to come in to be able to go on this trip. If you would like to help me go on this trip or become a monthly supporter of this ministry we would deeply appreciate it.

This year we saw over 1000 people born again during our travels across America. Our bookings were about half of a normal year because of the economy. In 2008 we traveled 36,000 miles, ministered in 36 different churches in 22 states and saw over 2000 people born again. In 2007 We ministered 122 times in 41 churches in 21 states and saw 1683 people born again.

Since 1998 we have ministered in 38 States, Puerto Rico, and Canada in over 20 different denominations and a host of non denominational churches and have seen over 15,000 people born again during our events.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support

Below are a few ways that you can give toward the Russia trip.





Send donations to:
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Springfield, OH 45503

God Bless
Jerry Moyer
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