What people are saying about Jubilee Gang Family Events

What Pastors and Parents across America are saying about…  JUBILEE GANG FAMILY EVENTS

This was an awesome weekend for our church. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest truly enjoyed the ministry of Jubilee Gang. We were looking for something for the whole family and Jerry and Candy did just that. They were a joy to be around and were flexible to what we wanted from an event. They have a heart to see people saved and discipled, and that shows through in their ministry. You will not be disappointed by having them at your church.
-Pastor Bill Harman Bolt Church of God Bolt, WV

As a Pastor it is such a blessing to know that there are ministries that we can trust with our Church. Evangelists Jerry and Candy of Jubilee Gang bring a Bible Based and gospel focused ministry that not only touches children, but people of all ages. We have had Jubilee Gang in our church several times and we are always blessed as we see people born again. The Family Services lead people of all ages to Jesus
-Pastor Ed Akers Victorious Living Church Grove City, OH

We had an excellent family event with Jubilee Gang Ministries! Their presentation was filled with excitement, video, music, games, crowd interaction, but most importantly, the Word of God taught at a level that everyone could grasp it and leave with nuggets of ‘truth’! We love the Moyer’s and highly recommend them!
-Pastor Tim & Gwen Shuttlesworth  Calvary Temple Freemont, WV

One of the best Gospel presentations for kids and the whole family I’ve ever had at our church. I almost got saved again myself. This ministry is fun in the temporal, and soul-saving in the eternal.
-Pastor Ken Peters Covenant Church Spokane, WA

Jerry Moyer and the Jubilee Gang is where it’s at! As a Next Generation Leader myself I was very interested in checking out their presentation. Let me tell you, I took my own children, and the Jubilee Gang is Moreno kids approved. And what’s even better is that this amazing crew offers something for the whole family! Thank you Jubilee Gang for the amazing ministry that you are and for dedicating your lives to reaching the next generation for Christ!
-Esther Moreno Parent and Children’s Ministry Leader

Our church had a 3-day family event with the Jubilee Gang and it was beyond amazing! Too see so many children and families actively engaged and coming to the alter to give their lives to Christ. Jerry and Candy have a true passion for our Lord and what they do! This event changed not only my children but myself as well. You could truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon us. Every service was a new experience and left you hungry for more. New ways to look at your relationship with Christ and seek more of him! If given the chance to attend one of their events, GO it’s a must!!!!
-Jessica Jeffers Mother in Springfield, OH
Oh my goodness! Love love the Jubilee Gang with Jerry and Candy. Not just a kids ministry but great content for the whole family. Spokane Christian Center was blessed this weekend. If you are thinking about something unique for your church this is it. They are Incredible!
-Pastor Linda Sharkey Spokane Christian Center Spokane, WA
Our Church had a 3-day family outreach with the Jubilee Gang. In my 10 years of serving on our Pastoral staff, this is the best thing we have ever done. Many kids of all ages responded to Jesus, as well as a few adults. Jerry and Candy love Jesus and kids…….they work very hard. Your church will be blessed by their ministry.
-Pastor Jackie Mounts First Assembly of God Springfield, OH
The Jubilee Gang ministering to family’s is a fantastic way to bring families together in worship, teaching, and fun. Jerry brings learning to a new and fun way that kids and adults can retain what they’ve learned. I know for myself the song he had everyone come forward kneeling and worshiping to “I Want More of You” I can’t get out of my head. He teaches scriptures and life lessons at all levels. Loved all the new media and lights. We need more Jerry & Candy’s spreading God’s Word to our families and having revivals in our communities.
-Pastor Gwen Breinig Christian Life Center Merced, CA
Jerry and Candy are awesome! Their love for children proves out each time they set up or tear down their set. It’s no small process. I’m thankful and honored to know them and to have had them minister at my church. My Lead Pastor was so impressed that he had them do a Sunday morning service as a family service. I can’t say enough about how great their programs are and how well they produce them. The ultimate reason I chose to have Jubilee Gang come to my church was that Jerry knows the importance of leading children and families to Jesus. The event is great, but the reason they do what they do is to lead people to Jesus. The altar service was always awesome, we saw many families impacted and several gave their hearts to Christ for the first time. If you really want to reach children and families for Jesus, the Jubilee Gang is a great choice (tool). They are awesome. It’s rare in child evangelism to find people who are about salvations, not just the entertainment.
– Brenda Bernard Loch Lynn Church of God in Oakland, Maryland
We were so blessed by the ministry of The Jubilee Gang. This was our second event with them. In the words of one of our grandmas who was with us each night “I was so blessed by and impressed with this ministry! Not only did they bring the truth of God’s word in a powerful way, but, it ministered to all ages! Something for everyone there. From the youngest to the oldest! “. If you are serious about seeing the truth of the gospel presented to your children and adults in a meaningful and fun way, this is a sure thing!
Sharon Worley Pastor’s Wife Christian Life Assembly in Picayune, MS
The Jubilee Gang is just incredible! Over the years in ministry, I have had the Jubilee Gang do our District Kids’ Camp, District Family/Kids Camp (Kids Track), and I have also had them here at my local church a couple of times. Every time, they were excellent to work with, organized, fun, exciting, and the kids (and adults) LOVED them! They were great in working with kids, volunteers, everyone. The Jubilee Gang is also VERY engaging for people of all ages. I love it when they put the verses to a beat- I still have some of the verses memorized from listening to them. Everyone enjoyed the high energy, fun, and creativity of the Jubilee Gang. I would highly recommend them for your next Camp, VBS, family/kids event, or any special event. You will not be disappointed.
-Pastor Amanda Rose Hillside Wesleyan Church North Street, MI and East MI District of the Wesleyan Church
The Jubilee Gang is awesome. It is a fast paced, attractive family ministry that is very bible based. Even our adults were stoked about having them!  I would recommend this ministry to any bible believing church! It is VERY effective and Jerry always lays out the gospel in a way that kids (and adults) can understand it!
-Pastor Robert Cox Living Waters Fellowship Chico, TX
The Jubilee Gang presents the gospel in a clear way to children, teens and adults! We had them in during our family camp and around 50 people responded to the altar call to receive Jesus! I enjoyed the engaging memory verse chants/rap, fun games, and messages. Great for all!
-Tonya Hockenberry New Castle, PA
We have had the Jubilee Gang in to minister for several consecutive years now and it’s hard to put into words have fantastic they are. Jerry and Candy are anointed to minister to not only children but to families as a unit and people of all ages enjoy their ministry. Their presentation of the Gospel is done in a way that children can understand and yet adults can benefit also. Every year they come back the presence of the Lord seems stronger! Many times in the Bible we see Jesus ministering and loving on the children. We believe that Jerry & Candy are following in His footsteps and making a huge difference in the lives of many children around the world! They have truly made a difference in Oasis Church this week and we are looking forward to having them back with us as soon as possible.
Pastor Teresa Reeves Oasis Church Oxford, MS
The ministry of the Jubilee Gang is outstanding. Jerry’s wording throughout the evening is clear enough for the younger kids, yet those same words speak right to the hearts of teens and adults. In other words, the “Family Event” is definitely for the entire family!
-Pat Polo Pastor’s Wife Old Union Christian Union Church Lawson, MO
Jubilee Gang visited our church in Elkins, WV at the beginning of August and they did a phenomenal job. It seemed like Satan was attacking our church and everyone that week. However, God had different plans and we saw over 50 souls won to Jesus Christ that week. It was one of those moments and weeks that I will remember for a long time. There is nothing like seeing an altar full with entire families worshipping and seeking God together. They really did minister to the entire family, and lives were changed!
Adam West Children’s Pastor Family Worship Center Church of God Elkins, WV
The Jubilee Gang is awesome! Jerry not only makes teaching kids fun, but also he is deep and takes spiritual formation to the next level! I found myself being ministered to and taking to heart what was spoken by God through him. His altar calls and real worship time is excellent!
-Chris Siordia Pastor to Children and Families Waynesburg, First Church of the Nazarene Waynesburg, PA
We had Jubilee Gang for the first time this past year and it was amazing! Not only did the kids have fun but the adults did as well (we had 2 family services on Sunday). It was precious to see children come forward with their parents and give their hearts to the Lord. I highly recommend the Moyer’s and their ministry, you will not be disappointed!
Pastor Bob Trombi City Park Church in Gresham, OR
We was so honored to have the Jubilee Gang for four nights. Love how it is broken down so everyone can understand from the youngest to the oldest. You can see the passion that Jerry and Candy have for this ministry. It is a ministry for families not just a children’s ministry. It allows families to come together and have fun learning about God and having a relationship with Him. It was awesome and the presence of the Lord was there. Seeing young and old being touched by God….priceless!
Judy Weaver Wardell, MO
We just had an amazing experience with the Jubilee Gang at Livingston County Assembly of God. Their ministry touched everyone in the whole family. Everyone was involved in the fun. God moved and touched many hearts.
Pastor Joel Paine Livingston County Assembly of God

We had a great time this week with Pastor Jerry and Candy. The delivery of the Gospel was spot on. The program was Fun for all ages. And the Family worship was awesome. Definitely not just a kids program but a program for the whole family.
Pastor Danny Budd Oasis Church Oxford, MS
Jerry and Candy Moyer are more than a ministry to children. They have dedicated their lives to restoring families. They have been given a platform to create an atmosphere where families can lean into the gospel and “whole households” coming to the Kingdom. You might think, it’s just a children’s ministry. Maybe. But this weekend it put a smile and anticipation on faces from 2 to 102.
Why is that so important? Because in a society of gadgets, 140 characters, and moving screens it’s important to grab the attention of our generation. I watched this weekend kids “leaning into” the gospel and parents enjoying their families in church. We celebrate over 20 commitments and rededication’s to Christ while The Jubilee Gang was with us.
Pastor Timothy Minks Life Center 4 Square church in Terre Haute, IN
My husband and I have raised our little boy, Caleb, in church! He has been at church every week his entire life …. every Sunday and Wednesday, like clockwork!! My husband and I are committed and work in the children’s department at our church, so being in church is like being home to Caleb! Our children’s pastor is AMAZING, and is like a family member! She teaches spiritual truths and the real meat to our children! We are incredibly blessed to have such an engaged and anointed woman pastor our little ones!!!
Having said all that …. let me say thank YOU!! When you and your wife came to Calvary in Hammond last Summer, Caleb, along with my eldest granddaughter, Emilee, committed their lives to serving Jesus!!!

Although they both have been raised in church and are completely familiar with everything about being in an environment of church, having Jubilee Gang come in helped draw them out of their “comfort zones” and drew them into a place of connecting to a level that reached their spirits deeply!!
Evangelistic children’s ministry is rare. Your call and anointing is powerful and helps solidify what wonderful and committed children pastors teach/preach every week!! Thank you, for listening to God’s call on your life and obeying the prompting of The Spirit!!! Please never forget ….. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE to “churched” and “unchurched” kids every where you go!!!!!!
– Lynn Sumrall Hammond, LA
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