What sets the Jubilee Gang Apart?

 1. Experience:
Jubilee Gang Ministry events are a one of a kind experience for children and families. All in attendance will stay on the edge of their seats as they learn bible truths. We bring our own sound, lighting, and video to provide the most cutting edge ministry experience possible.  Our system includes a LED Video wall,  robotic intelligent lights, lasers, hilarious video clips, exciting adrenaline blasted games, and interactive video games on a 12 x 8 video wall to provide and atmosphere of excitement and expectation.
Jubilee Gang events are a place for entire families to learn together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together. 

 2. Message:
Jerry Moyer is one of the top communicators to children and families today. His style is simple enough for a child to understand, but relative to all ages. Bible truths will be taught in a way that all in attendance walk away challenged to deepen their relationship with God. Through the use of video clips, multi media presentations, skits, and games the message of each lesson is driven home in a way that breaks down barriers and inhibitions that people might have. Each lesson is filled with scripture and biblical truth, but it’s presented in a way that is easy to understand for adults and children alike.

3. Ministry:
The Jubilee Gang is very entertaining, but 100% about ministry. At the end of each program all in attendance will be given a chance to respond to the message presented, whether it is accepting Jesus as Lord of their life and being born again, or going deeper in their relationship with God.  The Jubilee Gang experience is about getting the world of God into people that produces change in their lives so that they will look and act like Jesus that ultimately results in being the light of the world.

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What people are are saying about The Jubilee Gang

Pastor Josh Payne, Victory Church in Troy, Pa
We were pleased to host the Jubilee Gang this past September for our Back to School Blast Sunday morning main event. The excellence of this ministry begins when the door of their trailer drops. Everything had a place and there was a place for everything. Jubilee Gang is a far cry from a rag tag hodge podge of antiquated Sunday School style entertainment. The Jubilee Gang provided Victory Church with a meaningful ministry experience that still has our children and adults alike talking about the impartation they received months after the event. The Moyers have spared no expense in there investment using equipment that is cutting edge and will engage young and old alike as Jerry delivers Gods timeless truth. Jerry’s message is anointed and uncompromising. His in your face style is not only what the youth of this generation need but its what they want. Young to old and everyone in between will be encouraged and inspired to not only follow but chase after Jesus Christ.

Mike Dsane, Children’s Pastor Crossroads Cathedral 1st Assembly of God of Oklahoma City, OK
The Jubilee Gang’s time of ministry at our church was incredible. Because our church is made up of such a diversity of people, it is difficult to meet the cultural needs of everyone in the congregation. When a group of inner city students walked in and experienced the ministry of the Jubilee Gang, they showed more excitement than I had ever seen out of them in a church service. Their ministry broke every distinction whether it was age, race, or denomination. Students went home excited not only excited by the event, but also the decision they had made for Christ.

Dianne Sheeley, Associate Pastor to Children Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene in York, PA
Our families and kids are still talking about the awesome ministry event last year. What a creative and exciting way to show kids God’s love and their need of a savior, Jesus Christ. We are having a great time discipling the many boys and girls that were saved when the Jubilee Gang came to Stillmeadow Church of the Nazarene in York, PA.

Pastor Bob Trombi, Champions Church in Portland, OR:
We had Jubilee Gang this past year and it was amazing! Not only did the kids have fun but the adults did as well (we had 2 family services on Sunday). It was precious to see children come forward with their parents and give their hearts to the Lord. I highly recommend the Moyer’s and their ministry, you will not be disappointed!

Sharon Worley, Pastors wife at Christian Life Assembly in Picayune, MS
We were so blessed by the ministry of The Jubilee Gang. This was our second event with them. In the words of one of our grandmas who was with us each night “I was so blessed by and impressed with this ministry! Not only did they bring the truth of Gods word in a powerful way, but, it ministered to all ages! Something for everyone there. From the youngest to the oldest! “. If you are serious about seeing the truth of the gospel presented to your children and adults in a meaningful and fun way, this is a sure thing!

Pastor Bill Harman,  Pastor at Bolt Church of God in Bolt, WV
This was an awesome weekend for our church. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest truly enjoyed the ministry of Jubilee Gang. We were looking for something for the whole family and Jerry and Candy did just that. They were a joy to be around and were flexible to what we wanted from an event. They have a heart to see people saved and discipled, and that shows through in their ministry. You will not be disappointed by having them at your church.

Pastor Jeff Schlemmer, Family Pastor at Vertical Church in West Haven, CT
Jubilee Gang is a fast paced, multi-media explosion! Jerry and Candy Moyer have a huge heart to see all children reached for Jesus Christ! They have run a four day children’s conference for us on several occasions and been a true blessing to our church and children. Easy to work with and highly organized they come in and hit the ground running. With Jubilee Gang you get a lot of bang for your buck! Their stage production is second to none and a great value compared to other ministries we reviewed. Jerry and Candy pull out all the stops! Their productions utilize interactive games, objects lesson, skits, sound effects, videos, lighting and an amazing guest puppet “Wild Thing” all of which create an awesome atmosphere to minster to kids! Their range of teaching topics is broad and always fresh. The Moyers teach the Word of God in a such a simple, clear, accurate way that kids get it! I have seen firsthand and through following their ministry that they are effective minsters of the Gospel. Their presentation of salvation is God-filled and wherever they share children are moved to receive Christ. It is my pleasure to recommend Jerry and Candy Moyer to you I am confident that they will effectively communicate Christ to kids and lives will be changed!

Brenda Bernard Family Pastor at Loch Lynn Church of God in Oakland, Maryland 
Jerry and Candy are awesome! Their love for children proves out each time they set up or tear down their set. It’s no small process. I’m thankful and honored to know them and to have had them minister at my church. My Lead Pastor was so impressed that he had them do a Sunday morning service as a family service. I can’t say enough about how great their programs are and how well they produce them. The ultimate reason I chose to have Jubilee Gang come to my church was that Jerry knows the importance of leading children and families to Jesus. The event is great, but the reason they do what they do is to lead people to Jesus. The altar service was always awesome, we saw many families impacted and several gave their hearts to Christ for the first time. If you really want to reach children and families for Jesus, the Jubilee Gang is a great choice (tool). They are awesome. It’s rare in child evangelism to find people who are about salvation’s, not just the entertainment. 

Pastor Jackie Mounts First Assembly of God Springfield, OH
Our Church had a 3-day family outreach with the Jubilee Gang. In my 10 years of serving on our Pastoral staff, this is the best thing we have ever done. Many kids of all ages responded to Jesus, as well as a few adults. Jerry and Candy love Jesus and kids…….they work very hard. Your church will be blessed by their ministry. 

Pat Polo Pastor’s Wife Old Union Christian Union Church Lawson, MO
The ministry of the Jubilee Gang is outstanding. Jerry’s wording throughout the evening is clear enough for the younger kids, yet those same words speak right to the hearts of teens and adults. In other words, the “Family Event” is definitely for the entire family! 

 Pastor Robert Cox Living Waters Fellowship Chico, TX
The Jubilee Gang is awesome. It is a fast paced, attractive family ministry that is very bible based. Even our adults were stoked about having them! I would recommend this ministry to any bible believing church! It is VERY effective and Jerry always lays out the gospel in a way that kids (and adults) can understand it!

 Pastor Ken Peters Covenant Church Spokane, WA
One of the best Gospel presentations for kids and the whole family I’ve ever had at our church. I almost got saved again myself. This ministry is fun in the temporal, and soul saving in the eternal.

Jessica Jeffers Mother in Springfield, OH 
Our church had a 3-day family event with the Jubilee Gang and it was beyond amazing! Too see so many children and families actively engaged and coming to the alter to give their lives to Christ. Jerry and Candy have a true passion for our Lord and what they do! This event changed not only my children but myself as well. You could truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit upon us. Every service was a new experience and left you hungry for more. New ways to look at your relationship with Christ and seek more of him! If given the chance to attend one of their events, GO it’s a must!!!! 

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