Why do we use Games to teach?

Why do we use Games to teach?

Games are for more than having fun! They are a teaching tool!

  1. Learning becomes fun.
  2. Children learn without realizing it.
  3. When information is transferred in an appealing way, it stays with you.
  4. If your emotions are involved, you learn more.
  5. Games reinforce the lesson in a fun and exciting way.
  6. It gets children involved in the class.

We must stay relevant to reach this generation. 
The message never changes but the methods must change.

Excerpt taken from our book called Six Types of Games that teach that can be bought on our website at


Chapters include…

  • Icebreaker Games
  • Object Lesson Games
  • Memory Verse Games
  • Power Point & Multi media games
  • Review Games
  • Crowd control games

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