July 2023 was a month of Harvest!


We started out July doing a week of outreaches in NY and Philly. In Philly, we did 4 locations 3 of them were only a few blocks from Kensington Ave where there are hundreds of homeless people living under the train tracks above the street. We saw many people that were so strung out on drugs they are called Fentanyl Zombies because they roam the streets in an unconscious state. Sometimes they were bent over so far that their hair touches the ground. Many were walking in such a way that resembled someone dancing to their own music that does not exist. Philadelphia is where the purest Heroin, Fentanyl, and other drugs come into the country and are split out to other places. Immigrants are being dropped in Philly by the thousands with no where to go. I can imagine it's like being dropped off in a living hell. People need Jesus bad there.

During 8 outreach events in NY and Philly we were privileged to lead 92 people to Jesus.

After a week of outreaches we came back to our home state of Ohio where we ministered at West Liberty 1st Church of God and were privileged to lead 14 children, teen's and adults to Jesus.

On Saturday, July 17th, we took our outreach trailer to Portsmouth, OH where I grew up to be part of a large outreach in Tracy Park called "Praise in the Park."  During this one day outreach we ministered to over 100 people and saw 2 Children and 10 adults make Jesus Lord of their life.

The following week we went to Dickson, TN where we ministered at the KY District Nazarene Kids Camp. We ministered to over 150 kids during 7 services and saw 82 children come forward to be born again and make Jesus Lord of their lives.

After an amazing week in TN, we moved on to Gastonia, NC where we ministered at a outreach VBS at Destiny Church.  They bussed children in every night from underprivileged communities.
During 4 services we saw 91 children make Jesus Lord of their Lives and 45 children baptized on the last night.

I would say we had a productive month of harvest with a total of 291 people making Jesus Lord of their life during the month of July.

Pictures from our events in July


One of our NY Outreach's in a large Government Housing Apartment complex where we led 14 children and adults to Jesus!


One of our Outreaches in Philadelphia at Fairhill Square where we were privileged to lead 15 people to Jesus

Naz Camp 1

KY District Nazarene Kids Camp where we saw 82 children make Jesus Lord of their Life.


Gastonia, NC where we saw 91 children Make Jesus Lord of their life and 45 baptized on the last night.