2022 Jubilee Gang Ministries year end update

Dear Friends and Partners,
We have had an amazing and busy year of ministry! Our schedule was almost up to where is was before the 2020 shutdown.  We feel so blessed and thankful for all God is doing through Jubilee Gang Ministries. This year we have had 27 church events, 1 camp, and 8 outreaches for a total of 35 events ,  We have done 99 services with 712 salvations at Jubilee Gang events and 103 salvations with our outreach events, for a total of 815 salvations this year.
When we started planning and preparing for outreaches with our outreach
trailer we were planning on staying local in surrounding areas of Springfield, OH. In 2021 we partnered with 7 local churches, and 2 in WV, and 1 in VA.  This year we partnered with House of Joy in Slidell, Louisiana in April and did 3 outreaches,  Life in Christ Community Church in Springfield, OH in May did 1 outreach, Dynamic Life in Front Royal, VA  did 2 outreaches and Christ Central Church in Upper Tract, WV in September and did 2 outreaches.   We  already have one  scheduled in July 2023 in White Plains, NY. We never imagined we would be traveling with the outreach trailer out of our state.  We have set up in housing projects, parks, a gym, and church parking lots.  We have an amazing team of helpers with our local outreaches who work hard through set up, the services, food preparation, serving food, and tear down. We really appreciate every one of them.  When we go out of state the churches we partner with
provide the help we need and we have gotten some really good help there too.
We feel so blessed that we were called to minister to children and families around the US. We have seen many lives touched and transformed by God
during our services. We have heard over and over again this year how much our ministry is needed in the church and outside the church. It truly is a blessing to be able to walk in the plan God has for us.
Below are some touching stories and testimonies:
After we did a Christian school service one of the children told the pastor that he really loved the service and he was going to get his parents to come back
because he really wanted to start attending this church. (his family was not
attending any church, he just goes to the Christian school) He did get them to come back for the evening service and they all enjoyed the service.
At one church a father told us that he saw his son go forward but wasn't going to say anything to him about it because he wanted to see if his son would bring it up. On the way home in the car he said, “Dad I got changed tonight.” PTL he got the message! At the same church a mother came up to us and told us her son had came to the altar the night before and asked Jesus in his life. The next morning he came in her bedroom and was really unusually quite and calm. He had ADHD and usually is all over the place. So she asked him if he was ok, do you feel alright. And he said, “yes mom, I've been changed!” Wow talk about
On one of our Sunday morning family services there was a boy who had ADD really bad. The parents said he can never pay attention or hold his attention very long. But he stayed calm the whole service and paid attention. At the end of the service he gave his life to Christ.

We are so grateful to all that support our ministry and pray for us as we travel and do the work God has called us to do. We could not do this without all of you! We are so blessed and thankful.

God Bless you, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Jerry & Candy Moyer