Family Event vs. Kids Crusade

Family events

  1. Our programs are simple enough for a child to understand but relevant  and fun for all ages.
  2. Families can receive ministry together, learn together, grow spiritually together, have fun together, participate in the interactivity of the event together, and ultimately experience God together.
  3. Adults don’t feel spoken down to or out of place because our programs minister to old and young alike.
  4. Attendance is usually better than kids only events.
  5. Many adults feel they received just as much as their children do, and remark on how refreshing it is to be in a service with their children where the kids are not board yet the parents enjoyed it.
  6. Jubilee Gang family events cross many boundaries including age, race, and culture.
  7. Parents help with crowd control and financial support of the event.
  8. Use the event to outreach to unchurched families in your community with a fun, yet straight up with the gospel message event.
  9. Encourage you church families to discuses the message from the event at home bringing dialogue about faith between children and parents.

Kid’s Crusades

  1. Reach out to the children in your community with a kid’s crusade style event instead of a traditional VBS.
  2. Children are ministered to separately from their parents on their level.
  3. Children often respond to ministry invitations better when parents are not watching.
  4. Adult helpers must be recruited to help with crowd control and organization of the event.
  5. Use the event as a time set aside just for the children of your church and community.
  6. Children do not have the means to support an event like this. Plus, parents are less likely to give because they are not involved, so support of the event will need to come from church budget or fundraisers.
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