Jubilee Gang Year End Update for 2018

Jubilee Gang Year End Update for 2018

  As we look back over this year, we feel so blessed and grateful for all God is doing through Jubilee Gang Ministries. We had another amazing year and saw so many lives touched, both children and adults.  This year we traveled over 28,000 miles, ministered in 16 states, 36 churches, which included 22 family events, 10 children’s events, 5 outreaches, and we saw 873 people born again and make Jesus lord of their life. This year we did a lot more family events. It is always awesome to see families learn together, worship together, have fun together, and ultimately experience God together.
   We also got our new stage with the LED video wall up and running this year. It was a great asset to our ministry. One unexpected benefit is that it seems to keep younger children’s attention span longer.  It’s an awesome teaching tool to present the gospel. We are so grateful that this new set is 75 percent paid off.

Testimonies from the Road

 Pastor Dave Reeves  at Redemption Worship Center, Summerville, GA says:  “Jerry, Candy, and Wild Thing made such a connection with our people! We witnessed salvation as well as the gospel explained easily and effectively. We will surely have them back again and again. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Lord.”

   Christina Sides-Williams at Agape Worship Center, in Hayti, MO  says: “From the outside its an amazing children’s ministry. But the reality is, its an outstanding ministry for family, singles, teens, couples, and everyone in between. Every night we enjoyed a different service filled with fun and laughter, love and learning and overflowing with God’s holy spirit! Do Not miss the chance to sew into this great ministry while bringing families closer to the Lord.”

Gwen Breinig from Christian Life Center in Merced, CA says, “The Jubilee Gang ministering to family’s is a fantastic way to bring families together in worship, teaching, and fun. Jerry brings learning to a new and fun way that kids and adults can retain what they’ve learned. I know for myself the song he had everyone come forward kneeling and worshiping to “I Want More of You” I can’t get out of my head. He teaches scriptures and life lessons at all levels. Loved all the new media and lights. We need more Jerry & Candy’s spreading God’s Word to our families and having revivals in our communities.”

   Shannon Ozbirm from Cornerstone Church of God, Red Bay, AL says, “The Jubilee Gang is awesome!! They have an amazing set up that keeps all ages engaged and coming back! Jerry & Candy are truly gifted and passionate about what they do! God is truly using them to reach souls for the kingdom through their ministry! We are so blessed and thankful we were able to have them at our church and look forward to them coming back in the future…”

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