Mighty Outpouring in Queen City TX

We experienced an Outpouring of God’s presence this week in Queen City, TX at a Kids Camp for Christian Fellowship Church.

We saw 13 children born again and many children on their faces seeking more of God and surrendering their entire lives to Him.

It was so awesome to see children on their knees worshiping God and going after Him with all they had.

This week we will be in Maxie, VA and Savannah, GA ministering to children and families. Check out our entire summer itinerary at the link below…

Below are some pictures from the camp this week in TX.

Christian Fellowship Church in Queen City TX has been converted!!!!
Night one in Queen City, TX
1. Breakfast foo flip Game
2. Jerry teaches on “What is a Christian”
3. 13 children came forward to be born again.
Night 2 in Queen City, TX
1. Angry birds Live Game
2. Children on their faces seeking more of God
3. Jerry teaching the power verse put to a beat.

Last night in Queen City TX.
1. Pizza Flop Game
2. Children going after more of God & surrendering their life’s to Him.

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