September Jubilee Gang Update: 61 Salvations!

Dear Friends & Partners:

During September 2014, we ministered in 3 churches and did one public school assembly. During these 3 church events we had 61 people come forward to be born again including several adults. During our last event in Bidwell, OH at Rodney Pike Church of God we had 45 people come forward to be born again during an outreach family event. Children and families were bussed in from local housing projects and many of them came forward to make Jesus Lord of their lives. On sunday morning 9 people including 2 adults came forward to surrender their live to God and to be born again.

In Newark, Ohio we did a public school assembly and were priveledged to encourage over 350 children to be all they can be in life. Then, we did a sunday morning at More Life Church and had 7 children come forward to be born again.

God is continuning to use the Jubilee Gang across America and around the world. Our summer 2015 schedule is starting to take form already. We have 4 confirmed bookings and several possible bookings.

If you would like to schedule The Jubilee Gang in your area please contact us ASAP to reserve your date. 

Below are some Pictures from these events

We had an awesome day at Christ Church in Plainfield, IN 
during 2 Family services. Many people touched 
by God’s Word and several people born again! PTL!     

We had the privilege of encouraging over 300 children 
at Licking Valley Elementary School during a J
G public school assembly today in Newark, OH

Leading 7 children to Jesus in Newark, OH

Night 1 at Rodney Pike COG in Bidwell, OH
1. Jerry praying with 45 children that came forward to be born again.
2. Angry Birds Live Game.

Sunday morning Family service at Rodney Pike Church of God in Bidwell, OH
1. Pizza flop game with parents and their children.
2. 9 people came forward to be born again including 2 adults!

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