Spring 2020 Update

 Well Spring is here and we are all on lock down. We were really looking forward to our spring events and getting back out on the road and ministering to children and families across America. Then along came the Corona Virus. All of our spring events except Easter Sunday have cancelled and Easter is up in the air if they do not lift the quarantine laws. Our next booking is the last week in May. We are praying this thing does not last into the summer or we will really start feeling the heat financially. As you can imagine having all of our booking cancel for 3 months makes everything tight around here. We are trying to use this time to produce new programs and interactive internet content for kids and families that that they can use to receive ministry during this time. Of course  this cost money to produce all this new material. We are by no means desperate or in panic mode however with no substantial income this makes it hard to keep things running full speed around here. It is not our desire to sit still for 3 months and not minister to anyone during this time. We are just looking at new avenues to reach families and children with the word of God.
   I realize most of us are tight financially and things are uncertain during this time however if you would like to help Jubilee Gang Ministries through this time your prayers and financial support would be deeply appreciated. Below are 2 ways that you can give during this time.
You may give through PayPal by clicking on the donate button on the page at the link below…
If you would rather not give online you can send donations to our ministry office at the address below.
Jubilee Gang Ministries
3495 Willow Rd.
Springfield, OH 45502

Jerry Moyer
Jubilee Gang Ministries