March – July 2020 Update

All of our Bookings from March 1st until July 15 have canceled this year because of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

During this downtime we have developed several new Jubilee Gang programs and updated some of our older programs. We have also produced several Jubilee Gang internet programs on our youtube channel at Jubilee Gang Mini Programs.

July 14 We start back up in Henderson, KY and stay fairly busy through September.

If you would like to donate to Jubilee Gang Ministries during this difficult time your prayers and financial support would be deeply appreciated.
From March 1st until Sept. we only have 6 bookings. Last year we had over 25 bookings during these 6 months. These months are typically our busy season where we have the most income to help us make it through the slow months. we only have 10 bookings for the entire year.
We are not in panic mode or starving however if you would like to donate during this time it would be a HUGE Blessing.

2 ways you can give
You may donate on PayPal from our website at the link below…
If you would rather not give online our mailing address is below…
Jubilee Gang Ministries
3495 Willow Rd.
Springfield, OH 45502

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