69 People born again in WA and CA

We had 2 awesome events in WA and CA these last 2 weeks.

First we ministered at ExperenceChurch.TV in Puyallup, WA and saw39 people born again during 2 Family Services.

Jerry teaching the Power Verse put to a beat!
in Puyallup WA

Jerry Praying with children to be born again
in Puyallup, WA

Then we ministered  in a tent at Reach The Beach in Los Osos, CA sponsored by El Morro Church of the Nazarene and several other local churches on Easter weekend and saw 40 children come forward to be born again during 4 services. We had the privilege of Ministering with Josh McDowell during this event. 

Pictures of the tent in Los Osos, CA
at Reach the Beach

Angry Birds Live in Los Osos, CA

Jerry leading children to Jesus in Los Osis, CA

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