Jubilee Gang Update for Richmond, VA

Dear  Friends and Partners:

We had an awesome week ministering at Faith Landmarks Ministries in Richmond, VA during their Fall Camp meeting. We ministered to the children while the adults were ministered to by the following Speakers.

Ron Luce
Judy Jacobs
Pastor Darlene Biship 
Bishop Joseph Garlington
Dr. Robb Thompson
Pastor Ford Urlica

We ministered during five services and saw around 70 children born again during the week and many more seeking more of God. Many lives were touched by the word of God and Spirit of God.

Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st we will be ministering at Family Worship Center in Springfield, VA

Below are some pictures from our event last week in Richmond, VA

Angry Birds Live Game 

Jerry leading 19 children to Jesus

Candy praying with Wild Thing

 Jerry praying with 30 children to be born again
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